Onsite Computer Tech & Network Support for Offices and Small Business

Contract with us before an Emergency Happens

 JRM Technical Support Services are offered 24x7 through chat, email and phone supports whenever you need them. In addition we provide ONSITE Support for businesses in Calgary
Our goal is to increase customer satisfaction levels. We have qualified experts with Microsoft Certification as well as CISCO Certification attending to Internet, Server and Network issues.
JRM helps custmers to resolve their problems by offering the highest level of personalized service while lowering costs to their business. Sign up for JRM Unique Pre-emptive Support Plan now to avoid technical issues in the first place. Get JRM Support right away.

JRM Unique Pre-emptive Tech Support may be Just Right for your Business
Invite JRM to study the systems and map the usage patterns .
JRM will offer or deliver a solution that reduces frequent problems surfacing in the day to day operations.
If something still isn’t working then JRM steps in with ONSITE visit to resolve it. That’s JRM Tech Support while making it look and sound like Self-Service.
How to Access our Computer Tech & Network Support ?
Raise a Request. Give us a call. Send us an email or ping on WhatsApp. Click Send. JRM will Respond & Resolve your Issues.

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