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What’s special About Us

Trust. Earned over the last 5 years. Emergency Support when you need it. Quick Response because we are located in Calgary. Affordable because we understand Small Businesses. Safety. We at JRM are Microsoft Certified Technology Professionals. In addition Certification from Cisco have helped us to grow and become a reliable Information Technology Support Company.

What’s our Approach

Personalized attention and consultative approach. One stop for all IT managed services. There’s less pain. No surprises in the billing. Fewer Breakdowns when problems are fixed before it happens.
We understand the stress of running a small business that depends on Digital Technology, Internet, Computer Hardware and Software applications.

For JRM’s Unique Monthly Plan customers, we have a solution they’ve always appreciated. Call us now for a game changing discussion.

Why Client Testimonials Matter

Because it’s an easy way to check JRM’s Service record. It provides instant comfort through verification and validation. It speaks about why our customers trust Joe to resolve maintenance issues. Customers just love JRM’s Unique Monthly Plan... Onsite & Remote Support Package.
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